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From the District

The message below was sent by Health and Safety from our District.

Gilmore Community School will be having our regular recess at 10:35 – 10:50. Depending on conditions we may keep students inside at recess.  Students will go out for play time at 12:20 pm

As you’re likely aware, a solar eclipse is set to take place this Monday April 8. In Burnaby, this will present as a partial solar eclipse from 10:40am to 12:20pm.  As this occurs during the school day, it’s critical that as a District we are mindful of the health and safety of students. It is important to avoid looking directly at the sun during the eclipse, especially for children, as their eyes let in more light into the retina than adult eyes. Young children also may not fully understand the risks or be able to follow safety directives and may require more supervision.  In order to avoid the risk of permanent damage, it is reasonable to keep students indoors during the eclipse and put the blinds down, particularly for younger students.

As safety of students is a shared responsibility with families, the District is sending a message to all parents and guardians today via MyEd.

Maria Perez