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Jump Rope for Heart

Jump Rope for Heart is the Heart Foundation’s fundraising and skipping program that helps school children move more and have FUN to improve their own heart, whilst raising vital funds for heart disease research, patient support and programs that help save lives.

Jump is about kids helping kids bring together hundreds of thousands of other kids across Canada every year in physical activity to build healthy habits for life!

We love participating in Jump Rope for Heart because:

1) Students learn life-long good habits: about healthy living and being active. Did you know that healthy habits today help reduce kids’ risk of heart disease and stroke later in life?  The EASY Healthy Habits program encourages kids to track healthy habits online.

2) Kids feel good by doing good: Jump helps teach social responsibility and the importance of giving back. By fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart, students are collecting donations that fund critical research that’s saving lives, preventing heart disease and stroke, and supporting survivors and their families.

3) Fits any time, place, activity, and ability: kids can move in their own way by: jumping, dancing, wheeling, and more, on your schedule, at school, at home or online.

4) Jump gives back to schools: Schools get 10% of net fundraising dollars back or earn points redeemable for sports equipment and learning materials like robotics kits!!

** Gilmore Community School will be participating in Jump Rope for Heart on Tuesday, February 13th, 2024. We are encouraging all students to wear RED on their JUMP day and/or Grizzly Gear!

Thanks to the support of millions of parents, teachers, students and donors, fundraising online has never been easier!  Join our school and help Heart and Stroke save lives by fundraising at

When you register online, you receive 1 entry to the “Family has Heart” contest for a chance to win a grand prize that includes: 1 annual Parks Canada Pass and a $1500 voucher for outdoor equipment.

Protecting our heart and brain is as EASY as practicing healthy habits every day.

Registering on line will also allow students to pick one EASY healthy habit and track how many days in a row they’ve practiced it ~ “Eat Fruits and Vegetables, Active for 1 hour or more per day, Screen time less than 2 hours a day and say Yes to water and no to sugary drinks”.  Their Healthy Habit streak will also show up on their fundraising page so that everyone can cheer them on!!  Let’s get ready to have fun and JUMP Rope for HEART!! 😊 and as always, thanks for your support.