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Reminder: Yearbook Photo Submission

A reminder: We are once again asking parents and staff to share their memorable photos of Gilmore students. We have received this year’s web link for parents and staff who wish to share their photos with the yearbook committee: This link is for uploading photos from computers. For those who wish to upload their photos directly from their smart phones, simply go to the mobile App Store and search for hj eshare app, herff jones, or eshare. Install the hj eshare app. Once installed, the app will ask for a School Code. The code is Gilmore2019. Instructions on using the mobile app can be found here.

We ask that parents please submit photos containing more than one subject. Please ensure that photos taken are on school grounds or on class field trips only. Please do not include children who do not attend Gilmore Community School. Photo submission will go through a selection process by the committee. Thanks for your assistance!

Our next yearbook sale will begin on April 1st, book price is $30.  All purchases through School Cash On-Line only.