Important Notice to Gilmore Parents

Dear Gilmore Parents

Reminder about parking near the school – Please try to avoid it!!

The traffic problems are continuing here at Gilmore during morning drop off and afternoon pick up. There are instances of people parking on the wrong side of the street and children running between vehicles in very dangerous fashion. In particular, the behaviour of drivers on Dundas Street has been very disturbing – parking close to the intersection and ignoring no parking signs, parking near the stop sign and impeding traffic. This appears to be due to parents needing to park as close to the school as possible because they are late or in a hurry. I have placed cones on both Dundas and Triumph Streets to deter illegal parking and it is still being ignored by parents. Parent have been witnessed driving over the cones. City of Burnaby by law officers will be patrolling the area around the school once again so I strongly encourage you to abide by the parking regulations around the school

My fear is that we are going to have a tragic event like a child being injured or worse until this behaviour changes. We do NOT want that legacy to mar this wonderful community.

· Leave yourself enough time in the morning to park away from the building (Gilmore Street has ample parking) and walk your child from there
· Avoid Dundas Street if you can. It becomes a bottleneck in the morning and after school
· Try walking with your child from home

Thank you,

D. Taylor