GCS Community Council (PAC)

The GCS Community Council is a representative group of people who live and work within the school neighbourhood. It endorses the concept that everything that affects the welfare of children is its concern. Therefore, the scope of its activities include two aspects of the child’s environment: the school and the community.

The members of Council work towards developing effective responses to emerging community and school needs through the development of programs or services for all residents, regardless of age. Inherent to this is a commitment to ensure that all groups or individuals who will be affected by the activities of Council are involved in the decision-making process.

The Council works on an ongoing basis to meet the school district goals for all Community Schools. These are as follows:

  1. To utilize schools and other neighbourhood facilities more effectively for desired community programs.
  2. To strengthen the existing kindergarten to grade twelve school program through greater involvement and utilization of available human, physical and financial community resources.
  3. To develop a variety of educational, recreational, cultural and social opportunities for children, youth and adults.
  4. To encourage community residents to become involved in community activities, services and issues.
  5. To strengthen communications within the community.
  6. To facilitate coordination and cooperation among agencies and organizations in delivery of community services.

Additionally, Gilmore’s Community Council develops specific goals to focus on during each school year which reflect the current needs of our school and community.


GCS Community Council Meetings


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